Meet West Avenue

Erin West


Erin West is a busy wife and mom of two. When she’s not slaving away at her day job or buying stock for West Avenue you can find her at ballet recitals and baseball games. Erin is a lover of all dry red wines and has a serious makeup and shopping addiction. After a lifetime of dreaming she gracefully introduced her online boutique to the Social Media world in March of 2016. Because of the overwhelming amount of support she saw an immediate need for a website. In less than one year she was able to open a small space in Longview! Erin hopes to one day open an actual storefront (or 10) in her local area. As her success grows with West Avenue so do her dreams. With a humble heart she would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has a little West Avenue in their wardrobe!


Naomi Wilder


Naomi McBride is a vibrant and hardworking single mom to a perfect little princess. Her job is never done. If she’s not working her tail off to support her family then she is out behind the camera for West A. Naomi enjoys going out with the girls and staying in watching cartoons with her baby girl. She perfected her photography skills when she started out as Erin’s photographer for her style blog and has been snapping photos for West Avenue since its launch date.  Naomi photographs exclusively for West Avenue.