Car Freshies

Car Freshies


  • Buckles & Spurs =A real Western fragrance, it has the strength of the metals in buckles and spurs, yet smooth with aunisex appeal.
  • BUTT NAKED A wonderful and STRONG blend of marshmallow, sugar, sweet heliotrope, honeydew, and exciting blend of pineapples, and tropical fruits.
  • SEX ON THE BEACH A super fun blend of pineapple, coconut and honeydew melon.
  • Leather Like walking into a boot and
    saddle shop.
  • Divalicious - Tart Smell
  • Black Ice Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot topnotes, wild lavender and subtle florals are followed by sandalwood and soothing musk.

  • LET THEM EAT CAKE - A touch of decadence; a decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes - Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid & White Musk.
  • Cowboy Romance A blend of Leather with a mix of masculine cologne.
  • Birds of Paradise floral with overtones of strawberry.

Hang only
Do not place on dash
Do not lay on painted surfaces, plastic, wood, granite, etc;
Keep away from small children and pets
Do not ingest.
Use Caution:
Use a sunshade in vehicle 
Avoid extended exposure of extreme temperatures.
We are not responsible for damages caused if melting occurs.